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Legal representation from McKenzie Bell

criminal representation

Criminal representation services

Visit our offices in Sunderland, Washington and Blackhall if you are in need of any legal representation for criminal cases. The legal experts at McKenzie Bell in Sunderland are experienced in dealing with all aspects of criminal law.

The criminal defence solicitors who work with us, represent anybody who is facing criminal proceedings in the Magistrate's Court, the Youth Court or even the Crown Court. Contact us today for more information.

Have you been accused of a crime?
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BLACKHALL OFFICE: 0191 586 4367
for legal assistance from our criminal defence solicitors

Our services include

Our criminal representation services include:
  • Minor traffic violations
  • Murder cases
  • Fraud cases and much more

You can also get effective and trustworthy assistance with legal aid for small businesses and conveyancing. We serve Sunderland, Washington, Blackhall and across the North East.
criminal solicitors
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