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Matrimonial & Child Work

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Marriage and child work services in Sunderland

Divorce lawyers

Experienced matrimonial solicitors

McKenzie Bell are experienced matrimonial solicitors and can provide you with clear and uncomplicated advice explaining the legal options you have in any family, marriage and child matters.

We understand that a stressful divorce can have a detrimental effect on any child and due to this we aim to resolve all custody disputes in a timely and sensitive manner. You can contact our matrimonial solicitors for further guidance. Two members of our firm are also members of the Law Society's Children Panel. 

For more information on how we can help call us on 
SUNDERLAND OFFICE: 0191 567 4857 
WASHINGTON OFFICE: 0191 416 2605
BLACKHALL OFFICE: 0191 586 4367

Matrimonial and child work services

At McKenzie Bell in Sunderland, our matrimonial solicitors deal with all types of family matters, including:
  • Child care 
  • Child adoption
  • Custody disputes
  • Divorce and separation 
Our services also extend to cover legal representation for crimes and reliable advice to small businesses. We serve Sunderland, Washington, Blackhall and all of the North East. 
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